Indie production shop is seeking a Virtual Reality interactive game supervising Line Producer, who has had senior responsibility for preparing at least 3 completed VR game productions that have been produced and distributed. Demonstrated line item responsibility for preparing the specs for framing production budgets, responsibility for identifying and pricing production creative talent for this VR gaming production.

The Line Producer will participate in below-the-line decisions like hiring crew and renting gear, based on the budget established that has been approved by the Producers. During production, the Line Producer will act as the eyes and ears of the Executive Producer to ensure the production runs on schedule and on budget. You are an innovator and troubleshooter and have the authority to make decisions that will affect the schedule or budget. To keep the production running smoothly, the Line Producer will implement a cost monitoring system as well as conduct a health and safety assessment and deal with any insurance concerns, including regulatory compliance. The Line Producer establishes departmental budgets for salaries, expendable materials, and equipment. Additional labor hours or materials require the approval of the Line Producer. At the end of production, you’ll oversee the wrap and conduct a preliminary audit of costs in cooperation with Accounting. You must be comfortable moderating compromises between members of the crew and be able to stand behind your choices. You will be working in a highly collaborative environment, but are also a leader and at the end of the day are responsible for the cost of the project. You are entrusted with massive financial investments in the $5-7MM range, so attention to detail is crucial and failure can mean huge losses for the Producers. Expect daily fires to put out.

You’ll collaborate with an Emmy Award-winning Executive Producer and Creative Director, as well as with a globally renowned Pop Surrealist artist. This highly experienced team of culture jammers aims to create a novel hybrid VR game experience, full of satirical characters, subversive themes and bizarrely entertaining interactive gameplay. A delightfully subversive world, this VR experience is filled with game scenarios, characters and story lines that satirize themes of class hierarchy, parody wealth inequality, mass media manipulation and lampoon the over commercialization in America.

Can work freelance with the expectation that the candidate will advance to a full-time position. Based in New York a plus. References a must.

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Gamers to the front of the line! Join a full-service NYC-based digital marketing agency specializing in the gaming, entertainment, retail, education, and technology verticals. They believe that every element of a campaign is vital and informs each next element, which is why their approach is never siloed and always integrated, across all media for brands. The agency can build and develop marketing strategies, execute campaigns, and drive revenue by creating and managing digital media campaigns using a combination of search, display, social media, email, and all other available tools. You’ll build and deliver compelling digital marketing experiences – personalized experiences that engage and convert customers in memorable and enticing ways across all platforms. They unify media, creative, and buying strategies to create memorable campaigns that will increase reach, awareness, engagement and retention. 16 award wins in the past year alone.

Acquisition-Focused Marketing. Customized analytics. Strategies that work. At this shop, Media Supervisors have excelled at campaign management and execution, are vocal and engaged leaders on their client and functional teams and have shown the ability to carry out strategy through structuring and planning as well as training and developing junior team members, ensuring that the team functions most effectively and with minimal errors.

Here’s the scope of the role:

  • Drive overall digital strategy and associated tactics to meet client’s goals, working closely with account lead; help develop Direct Response, measurement and analysis practice for all paid media initiatives
  • Establish as leader with the client and across all departmental teams and agency partners, effectively prioritizing/negotiating needs between all parties; bring new ideas to help meet client goals and grow business
  • Prioritize and manage quarterly priorities and ad-hoc requests to ensure they are executed on time and to client expectations
  • Ability to problem solve, such as finding solutions for issues not yet attempted; ability to consult/educate/negotiate with clients and agency partners
  • Proactively share learnings, trends, technologies, and best practices; establish as an expert within your functional department and client team
  • Ability to present recommendations/ideas to client and internal team; effectively merchandise successes to the client

Please have strong knowledge of: Paid search and social optimizations; Forecasting and opportunity/gap analysis; Campaign management tools, including bid rules/management; CPA and all ROI media; Monitoring new search trends/products and evaluating application to client; Research tools/competitive analysis; Budget/pacing and billing.

Ideal candidates have 4+ years of work experience (1+ years managing programs focused on delivering and optimizing paid media campaigns) with solid understanding of paid search and social campaign management and optimization practices, as well as knowledge of video, search retargeting, and other online advertising opportunities. You’re a proactive self-starter and team player comfortable in a fast-paced, results-based company.

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Break free from thinking-by-department. Get closer to making. Work with clients striving to recalibrate their business around digital. Agency values, not rules.

This funky, award-winning digital agency brings together product design, brand communications and social content to help businesses thrive. We’re looking for sensational talent in the Strategy space to take on a pivotal role in their growing practice.  These guys are also a little weird, extremely collaborative, and sometimes communicate entirely in gifs with the account, design and technology teams.  We’re now looking for a curious, passionate, jargon-free strategist with 5+ years experience. A kid at heart, you feel free to use your imagination and to make a fool of yourself in front of clients, all in the spirit of fun. This is a unique opportunity to help iterate around off-line gaming silliness that translates to shareable online content.

Here’s what we need in you:

  1. You grew up digital – This isn’t about spending every waking hour on Snap. It’s about showing that you’ve played with a lot of the digital world, that you’ve experimented and learned – sometimes for work, sometimes for the sake of it.
  2. You can tell a story – You understand narrative structure and can shape and reshape our content and work to ensure that is impactful and human. You can also package and present a compelling story.
  3. You grasp the fundamental concepts of the industry – You know how an insight differs from an observation, how a strategy differs from principles and tactics, and how ideas differ from executions. And you can show work that consistently and surprisingly delivers to these concepts.
  4. You can work with fellow digital grown-ups – You’ll be part of an eclectic mix of designers, technologists, strategists, producers and analysts, trying to achieve something new and powerful together.
  5. You love this stuff – Stories of innovation, trends and topics that inspire you both online and offline. We want a person who keeps the team inspired, curious and open-minded. You talk Creator speak, know what makes great content and have active social channels of your own.

The skills you’ll bring: (Few people are experts in all of the areas below; let us know which are your strengths.)

  1. Strategy – You’ll be able to show examples of how you’ve wrestled to understand business problems, to find provocative insights, and to create strategies that have ideas.
  2. Ideas – You’ll have them and help the team have them.
  3. Digital marketing – You’ll be able to turn SEO and web analytics thinking into ideas.
  4. Social media and content – You’ll understand what’s happening online and why; you’ll be able to research it all and create content that sticks.
  5. Communications and experience planning – You’ll know how to orchestrate an idea so that it doesn’t just launch and… then nothing. And you’ll be able to develop people-centric experience plans or customer journeys.

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The Agency: A global full-service creative business and a different kind of advertising agency – one that merges the highest standards of creativity and strategic thinking to help build brands that truly stand out. This is one of the most revered agencies in the world – named Agency of the Year multiple times and countless strategy awards. They strive for simple, enduring ideas that are rooted in real human truths, and executed with brilliant craft. Their culture celebrates difference, education, inclusivity, innovation, restlessness, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. They also really like nice people.

The role of Strategy: To open up new spaces for brand transformation and growth, through visionary, innovative thinking and a precise, data-based understanding of business. It is about Intelligence and Magic. Fine-tuning the marketing machine, but also crucially, unlocking the idea that will animate the machine. It’s about getting to great work that works. Strategy should ensure that creativity is originated, deployed, and tracked so as to maximize the value of ideas and deliver success for a client’s business. There is not one way of doing strategy – one school of thought or dogma. Instead, everyone uses their judgement to draw from different theories, and develop thinking that is right for the specific problem you’re solving. As you can see, you’ll be at the intersection of excellence, teamwork, adaptability and openness.

What we need from You:

Thoroughly understands the brand, product and market

– Understanding of the brand: what it stands for, whom it speaks to, what it sells, who and what it competes against, how it differentiates, what its core purpose and commercial vision is, strengths and weaknesses

– The strategist on the account should be “the knowledge,” holds the best factual knowledge and knows how to access more

Ensures performance is central to creative process and client relationship

– In depth understanding of how client’s business operates, how it grows, what are drivers and barriers, what their portfolio of opportunities look like, what might be threats to and opportunities for growth in the future

– Ability to understand and use data to ensure creativity is rooted in and connected to commercial performance

– Ensures performance remains at the heart of the idea throughout production and implementation

Knows how to access insight and research, and make sense of it

– Understanding of the cultural context within which the brand operates, good understanding of the consumer world and culture

– Understand how quantitative and qualitative research works

– Ability to conduct desk research, together with Research and Data teams, and put together an informed point of view on a brand, consumer group, category, market, or area of culture

– Basic understanding of data-led insight tools

– Ability to unlock creative and commercial insights through data

Has an informed point of view on how the brand should engage

– Understanding of the consumer behaviors driving existing channel landscape and key trends linked to media and content consumption, leading to an informed point of view on channel planning (topline)

– Ability to build on ideas and help them connect better with desired behavior change, consumers and culture

Collaborates with creative and account teams to deliver work that successfully answers performance-based briefs

– Writes clear and inspiring briefs, to deliver a consistent strategic narrative from commercial objectives to executions

– Actively fuels the creative process with stimulus, pushing for the most innovative solutions whenever possible

– Builds good relationships with creative teams, able to provide upstream inspiration, collaborate and build on ideas further down

– Good judge of creative work, able to judge (with an open mind) whether work is on brief and give clear and constructive feedback

Organizes information into simple strategic narrative, delivers it in an engaging and compelling way

– Able to put together a strategic and creative story that is simple yet compelling, written and spoken, to any audience, adapting to the needs of different audiences

– Good analytic skills yet ability for sacrifice and simplification, distilling a lot of information into short and clear outputs

Please have approximately 3+ years (Strategist) or 8+ years (Strategy Director) in Strategy/Planning at a creative agency. Entertainment, CPG, Tech or Gaming experience is a plus.

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