Break free from thinking-by-department. Get closer to making. Work with clients striving to recalibrate their business around digital. Agency values, not rules.

This funky, award-winning digital agency brings together product design, brand communications and social content to help businesses thrive. We’re looking for sensational talent in the Strategy space to take on a pivotal role in their growing practice.  These guys are also a little weird, extremely collaborative, and sometimes communicate entirely in gifs with the account, design and technology teams.  We’re now looking for a curious, passionate, jargon-free strategist with 5+ years experience. A kid at heart, you feel free to use your imagination and to make a fool of yourself in front of clients, all in the spirit of fun. This is a unique opportunity to help iterate around off-line gaming silliness that translates to shareable online content.

Here’s what we need in you:

  1. You grew up digital – This isn’t about spending every waking hour on Snap. It’s about showing that you’ve played with a lot of the digital world, that you’ve experimented and learned – sometimes for work, sometimes for the sake of it.
  2. You can tell a story – You understand narrative structure and can shape and reshape our content and work to ensure that is impactful and human. You can also package and present a compelling story.
  3. You grasp the fundamental concepts of the industry – You know how an insight differs from an observation, how a strategy differs from principles and tactics, and how ideas differ from executions. And you can show work that consistently and surprisingly delivers to these concepts.
  4. You can work with fellow digital grown-ups – You’ll be part of an eclectic mix of designers, technologists, strategists, producers and analysts, trying to achieve something new and powerful together.
  5. You love this stuff – Stories of innovation, trends and topics that inspire you both online and offline. We want a person who keeps the team inspired, curious and open-minded. You talk Creator speak, know what makes great content and have active social channels of your own.

The skills you’ll bring: (Few people are experts in all of the areas below; let us know which are your strengths.)

  1. Strategy – You’ll be able to show examples of how you’ve wrestled to understand business problems, to find provocative insights, and to create strategies that have ideas.
  2. Ideas – You’ll have them and help the team have them.
  3. Digital marketing – You’ll be able to turn SEO and web analytics thinking into ideas.
  4. Social media and content – You’ll understand what’s happening online and why; you’ll be able to research it all and create content that sticks.
  5. Communications and experience planning – You’ll know how to orchestrate an idea so that it doesn’t just launch and… then nothing. And you’ll be able to develop people-centric experience plans or customer journeys.

Sounds great?  Shoot your resume/work samples to Not for you?  Share your network and change someone’s life!