Associate Director, Strategy; $120K+, NYC

This funky, award-winning digital agency brings together product design, brand communications and social content to help businesses thrive. These guys are also a little weird, extremely collaborative, and sometimes communicate entirely in gifs with the account, design and technology teams.  We’re now looking for a curious, down-to-earth strategy lead with 8+ years experience to round out this special team. You’ll be able to show examples of how you’ve wrestled to understand business problems, to find provocative insights, and to create strategies that have ideas. You know the fundamentals of brand planning and how they can be applied to shape (or be shaped by) digital and social.

Why this shop? The strategically hungry come to this agency to break free from thinking-by-department, to get closer to making, and to work with clients striving to recalibrate their business around digital. You will be involved in everything from unearthing and articulating the leading insight, partnering with Analytics to define a data vision, through to a shared accountability for the creative product.

What we need from YOU:

You like brands – you get excited and inspired to do good work for ambitious brands.

You grew up digital – this isn’t about spending every waking hour on Twitter. It’s about showing that you’ve played with a lot of the digital world, that you’ve experimented and learned – sometimes for work, sometimes for the sake of it.

You can tell a story – you understand narrative structure and can shape and reshape content and work to ensure that is impactful and human. You can also package and present a compelling story.

You can manage a team – you can inspire and manage a group of strategists and strategic thinkers from multiple disciplines.

You can work with fellow digital grown-ups – an eclectic mix of designers,technologists, strategists, producers and analysts.

You love this stuff – stories of innovation, trends and topics that inspires you both online and offline. We want a person who keeps the team inspired, curious and open-minded.

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Senior Producer, Experiential, $80-110K, NYC

Are you ready to join a network of experience creators and live media makers?  This buzz-worthy boutique agency is seeking to hire a proactive, jack-of-all-trades Senior Producer. You’ll be part of a network of production experts delivering the best in the experiential, retail, digital environments, live media and social disciplines. The agency is an experiential production partner that crafts real world experiences that resonate over shared, earned, and owned media for the world’s best brands and agencies. As such, you should expect to deliver at the highest quality with passion and accuracy.

The Producer’s role is to ensure that all aspects of a program are successfully delivered to the client.  The Producer is also responsible for the fiscal health of the program and for communicating effectively with the team and the client.  It is essential that the candidate for this position has the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and must possess excellent communication and organizational skills. You’ll help reverse engineer creative ideas to bring them to physical life; as such, an understanding of business strategy, engineering, and technical savvy will come in handy.

From brief to wrap, you’ll be:

Directing and tracking project budgets, deadlines, invoices, estimates, purchase requests and billing.

Developing and maintaining positive client, vendor and external agency relationships, ensuring that all needs are heard, understood and addressed in a timely way.

Working with Account Management to guide the development, writing and support presentation of proposals, SOWs, schedules, financials and staffing plans.

Working with the Production Director, Account Director and Creative Director to manage the program process from creative through execution.

Planning and participating in team meetings and managing communications between team members, ensuring all deadlines are met and opportunities are identified to share project resources.

Developing, communicating and managing event schedules and logistic planning.

Managing resources; identify, participate in negotiation and secure external resources as needed.

Participating in creative brainstorms to generate ideas for clients; continually looking for innovative solutions and production methods.

Ideal candidates:

Extensive previous experience with Production Management and Consumer Events.

Demonstrated production competencies: build experience, fabrication understanding, ability to read drawings, estimate creation, client focus, accountability for results, team effectiveness, developing other team members, attention to detail, flexibility and professional confidence.

Strong familiarity and comfort with technology in general, a desire to remain informed of current trends and improvements.

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Senior Strategist, $90+K; Brand Strategist, $75K; NYC

Join an agency helping ambitious brands thrive in contemporary culture, creating whatever it takes to make that happen. This proudly diverse independent agency values resourcefulness and tenacity just as much as creativity and intelligence. They’re unapologetically ambitious, but also a tight-knit crew. Here you will be a part of a team of people who aspire to do nothing less than transform what this industry can become. Here you will have the opportunity to put your fingerprints on culture at large.

Founded by strategists, which means that strategy was and always will be at the core of everything they do, Strategy and Creative at is an extremely close partnership across every aspect of everything they make. Strategists regularly take on everything from big brand campaigns to strategic consultancy projects to music strategies to growth strategies for start-ups to treatments for documentary films. They’re a motley crew that hails from backgrounds in brand strategy to product design to digital start-ups to the music industry. They live and breathe the culture in which we live, and aspire to have every iota of the work do the same.

YOU are smart, clever, passionate, nice, friendly, open, unassuming, and modest yet confident. You are someone creatives want to hang out with, account people can rely on, and clients will engage with and take advice from. You are a close-knit partner with your teammates and clients alike in the creation of breathtakingly original and incisive solutions to a massive array of huge brand challenges. You are able to identify big ideas, develop them with creatives, and nurture them through collaboration with potential agency partners and clients. You are not only the specialist at gathering vital information, but you share that information with varied audiences within the agency.
You are proactive and have a hands-on mentality, handling your own projects and taking responsibility from beginning to end. One of your greatest strengths is your pen game; you are a skilled writer with a knack for selling a good story, whether written or verbal.

The Strategist is responsible for helping drive client strategy for current and new clients, and is focused on helping brands resonate in culture. A deep thinker and seasoned research veteran, (s)he ultimately assures the outstanding quality of the strategic and creative products the team produces. You will need at least 3-6 years of experience in strategy and, more importantly, you don’t just want to be a part of creating amazing work: you want to be a part of continuing to build an amazing agency. You know how to identify and understand the wants, needs, and motivations of key audiences for your brand(s), and you can effectively tell stories that enroll teammates into that understanding. Your approach to research and insight mining is not just gathering information, it’s also being able to draw something surprising from it. You enjoy the distillation process – relying on a mix of resourcefulness, intuition, and natural curiosity to decode cultural experiences. You can be both big-picture oriented and detail-oriented in the same day, and have the ability and desire to make daily tactics as interesting and strategic as the next big idea. You’ll be expected to demonstrate, evangelize, and live the core values of the agency daily.

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Head of Production, Experiential, $150-200, NYC

This buzz-worthy experiential boutique leverages human connection to impact people in smart, meaningful ways. To do that well, they need both bright brains and big brawn. You’ll be part of a network of production experts delivering the best in experiential, retail, digital environments, live media and social disciplines. This shop is a fast moving, forward-looking organization that is always looking for fresh, relevant ideas while exploring new solutions for engaging audiences through experiences that generate shareable content.

A strategic ally, the agency is a sought after partner, crafting real world experiences that resonate over shared, earned, and owned media for the world’s best brands and agencies. As such, you should expect to deliver at the highest quality with passion and accuracy; you should have a strong level of strategic, financial, and creative thinking chops. From brief to wrap, you’ll support clients with production strategy, creative execution, global event management, and ground execution. You can approach every challenge from a holistic perspective; combining activation, content generation, digital experiences (on and offline), environmental and traditional elements. You’ll collaborate in crafting magical concepts and campaigns that are at once bold and deeply effective.

We’re on the hunt for a leader who fosters collaboration. A proven Head of Production, you’ll help manage an exciting list of powerhouse clients on myriad projects – Cannes, SXSW, CES, marquee events, product launches, vertical partnerships, political speakers, red carpets, pop-ups, etc. This person should have the ability to understand the “big picture” and offer macro-level solutions. You’re a client engager who builds upon existing and cultivates new relationships.  Knowing the right questions to ask, you can guide a team in opportunity identification, strategic thinking and the subsequent development and deployment of marketing programs. A savvy integrated thinker and doer, please have 12+ years of experience with the ability to develop and deliver compelling client presentations, the confidence to think on your feet, and a hunger for quality, fun, and innovation. Please be incessantly curious about the world, culture, and trends that affect the business, have the ability to think creatively about a variety of challenges and enliven the way the agency thinks. A great sense of humor and a positive attitude always helps.

You will bring all your experience to the table to shape and help create innovative projects to exacting standards. On individual jobs, your role is both client facing, and internal, always representing the best interest of the project. The event life cycle can include concepting, briefing/debriefing, project schedules, selecting vendor partners, venue relations, contract negotiations, cost proposals, on site leadership, client management, and project reconciliation. The ideal candidate will have experience working within a production agency; candidates must have a strong production understanding across all areas including sound, lighting and fabrication/construction. You have an exceptional black book of supplier contacts and associations you can bring to the table along with absolutely extemporary production abilities to make things happen. The right person will have a creative mind, have a good understanding of A/V and technical management, basic show-calling and rehearsal management experience, budget and project management experience and strong client relationship building skills.

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PLACED: Group Strategy Director, B2B, $175-225K, NYC

Award-winning business communications agency is seeking a Group Strategy Director for their mid-sized B2B branding shop. This role will manage US and global projects for clients in finance, consulting, technology and healthcare, etc. This person will help guide other junior Strategists in crafting engaging client deliverables. Qualified candidates will be part of an established team with a track record of strong client relationships and streamlined, proven methods and processes in brand strategy disciplines. Candidates should be well versed in areas such as the following, in order of importance:

-Corporate brand architecture analysis and recommendation development

-Brand strategy development including positioning, archetypes, brand essence, etc.

-Messaging strategy, including voice

-Nomenclature strategy

-Naming development

-Brand launch and rollout plans

-Marketing strategy and campaign strategy development

-Content strategy

-Developing creative briefs for advertising and visual identity

-Qualitative research including discussion guide development, conducting in-depth interviews and focus groups

-Quantitative research including questionnaire development, survey programming and analysis

-Ability to lead, train other mid-level and junior strategists

From day one, qualified candidates will be able to lead these types of projects, providing guidance to both team members and clients, using expertise and anecdotes from past experiences on brand strategy projects. For example, regarding brand architecture, you should be able to explain what it means at a corporate and product level, why it’s important, what basic portfolio strategies entail, and know how to go about developing a solution for a corporate client.  In addition, ideal candidates will posses:

-Ability to interface with and be the primary point of contact for C-Suite executives

-Strong writing prowess, including the ability to write articles and thought leadership pieces for publication

-Confidence and poise in speaking and delivering compelling presentations

-Comfort and experience managing various priorities and solving problems proactively

-Collaborative; you are joining a team oriented organization

-A willingness to build a positive, “employer of choice” culture

This role reports to the Managing Director. Prior branding agency experience and business to business experience required.

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